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Welcome to my site!

This site is about a number of different topics such as games, pets, and other topics that you will sugest. If you have any sugestion, please leave a comment! Please vote below only after you have seen every page of my site. After you download one of my website's files, you will need to dezarhivate them with windows. All zip arhives can be dezarhivated with Windows. Double click them to open them.
I now have a domain name: You can find my site both there and at my old adress

Hi! I want to tell you that you should download our toolbar. By doing that, you're not just supporting my site(it's free, don't worry about that), but you can also play games instantly, access my homepage, entertainment and social zones, open a chat, listen to radio and search the web! So, please download it using the form on the right.   

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My site's sections

Below are all the sections of my site. From there you can access all the content related to that specific section. For example from the entertainment section you can access all my game related pages. Also you can search my site using the search-box located at the bottom of every page of my site.


This section of my site is completely dedicated to entertainment. From here you can access all my entertainment related pages.


This section of my site contains everything on my site related to pets.


Learn how to communicate with me and other visitors of my site here.


This section of my site contains guides made by me or submitted by you via the form on the page. The guides are of a variety of subjects, like building a site or maintaining your PC.


This is the time section of my site. Enter here if you want to know what time is anywhere around the world.


Links to all the pages of my site here.

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