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The very first thing you need for starting a website is a hosting provider.There are a lot of them out there, some free and some with fees. But, remember that just because something it's free doesn't mean it's not good. For example, this site has been made with Weebly, a very good hosting provider. Later on, you can move to the ones that ask about 100$ per year. But, if you want a small and free site you should try Weebly, or, you can choose one of the options below. If you know a good hosting provider, please go to the feedback section or in the forum. Also, you should submit your site to search engines as soon as you finish it. Here you can submit it to over 20 search engines(Google included) for free. 

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Addons are things that you add to your site(besides the main subject) to entertain people that see your site, or to monitor it(counters), or other things. Some of them are html texts, and, the more advanced ones are java or flash. Well, that covers it. Read the texts on the right and below for useful addons.


You can get free chats here. You must make an acount but it's free.


One cool type of addon is a counter. They count the number of a visitors that enters your site. Click here to get a counter. You must make a free acount but, then you can get a lot of things like vote casters and others.

Vote Casters

Another cool addon is a vote caster. They gather votes from your visitors. You can take vote casters from Bravenet(from where you took the counter) or you can get free ones(no acount required) here. Also Weebly now offers a very good free chat addon. 


One important thing in web comunication is the forum. There are lots of them out there, even weebly has one(it's in the more tab). But, one very good forum is forumotion. Their forum has it's own page, and you can upload custom photos for each element! Click here to go to their homepage!


One important element in your website are images. You should add images, not too much, because it will make the site hard to load, but not too few(so they are enough to explain what they should explain, no other subjects).


One very important thing for websites is feedback. It's very important to have at least one feedback form on your site, so people might express their ideas, and, who knows, maybe their ideas wil help your site more than you can imagine. One very good way of getting a feedback is regitrating an acount at poppydog. They have a very good feedback form, and it's totally free(must make an acount, and optionally pay for aditional features). Also, weebly offers a free feedback form!

Making profit

While some of you would prefer to have a simple free website, some might want to make some profit out of it. One of the best ways to make profit is by using Google AdSense. AdSense is one of the best ways of making money, because, you don't just add banners and fill all your site with more banners than information.Google AdSense is different, because, it a box that can be positioned anywhere on the site, and, it contains only information related to the topic of your site. It's very easy to sign up for Google AdSense, just click here!
Below is a list of organizations that are interested in making asociates.

Making a website with Weebly

Please vote after you have read everything. If you have sugestions, please send me comments via the feedback form or post in the forum!

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